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Although Tilodi Engineering is a company whose primary core business is the manufacture and repair of industrial mechanical equipment they have long held the belief that often the customer would prefer to deal with firms that would be prepared to go a little further and do a little more in order to build good lasting business relationships.

With that in mind Tilodi Engineering has formed partnerships with other suitable companies who are well respected in their own particular fields of expertise and are thus able to add considerable value to the service that Tilodi Engineering is able to deliver.

These partnerships mean that Tilodi Engineering is able to increase its list of capabilities to include the following fields:

  • Fabrication and steel erection
  • Gear design and gear cutting
  • Overhead crane load monitoring and limiting equipment
  • Chroming and grinding of components
  • Metal spraying and building up of bearing journals etc,
  • Sourcing of components etc from overseas companies
  • Pattern making and repairs
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous castings
  • Laser cut, plasma cut and hi-definition plasma cut profiles
  • Heat treatment and NDT of material.

Combining the strengths of the above areas of expertise means that Tilodi Engineering is able to provide a virtual one stop shop when it comes to supplying solutions for its customers.